Robert McClain, Minister

Senior Minister: Robert McClain

Bro. Robert McClain is considered a dynamic and scripturally sound gospel preacher in the church of Christ, who is able to articulate with simplicity the word of God, and provide practical applications for the challenges of today. He was baptized into Christ in 1962 under the late great preacher John O. Williams (trained under the late great Bro. Marshall Keeble) who was the Minister of the Central Church of Christ. It is at this congregation where he received his initial training in the foundamentals of the Christian faith. Bro. McClain later went on to the Brentwood Church of Christ where the late Bro. Leroy Durley was Minister. It was under the mentorship of Bro. Leroy Durley that he was instructed in the areas of biblical interpretation, church administration, and evangelistic ministry.

In the late summer of 1988 Bro. McClain was hired at the Eastside Church of Christ as their second full-time Minister. Since his his tenure there he has been instrumental in baptizing more than 300 souls to the body of Christ. Some of which have gone on to become Ministers over their own congregations and many of which have moved on to other congregations throughout the brotherhood. Bro. McClain's unique administrative style has empowered the church members to utilize their gifts to the maximum potential, never being against lending the pulpit to a desiring learner. Bro. Robert McClain is frequently requested to speak at regional, and state-wide lectureships, and has conducted Gospel Meetings in several states. His ability to interpret the scriptures is considered a lost art. He continues to strive in doing Bible things in Bible ways.

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Assistant Minister: Brandon McClain

Bro. Brandon McClain was baptized into Christ in January 1995 at the age of 7 under his father Bro. Robert McClain Minister of the Eastside Church of Christ. It is at this congregation where he received his training in the fundamentals of Christianity, and biblical interpretation. Bro. Brandon McClain has numerous brethren throughout the brotherhood whom he credits his biblical knowledge to through their individual mentorship such as the great evangelist Charles Orr Minister of the West Orlando Church of Christ in Orlando, FL.

Brandon McClain delivered his first Gospel message at the age of 9, and has been going faithfully onward since. He was asked to take on the position of assistant at the Eastside Church of Christ at the age of 18 which responded with "I take it as a profound blessing to not only glorify GOD, but to bring honor to my father (Robert McClain) for him finding me fit to fill such a position."

Brandon McClain has spoken to several youth groups, and has recently began receiving invitations to speak on Lectureships in the brotherhood. His dynamic and charismatic approach to the scriptures is often received with awe. His abilities are sure to be a blessing to the Churches of Christ across the nation as he develops throughout his years in the Ministry. He prides himself under the moto "I've got BOOK, CHAPTER and VERSE for any nay-sayers!" Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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