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Our History

From the early years of the 1980's to the turning of a new millenium, the Eastside Church of Christ continues to be a source of strength and endurance for the cause of Christ. Throughout three decades of faithful service, we've lived and stayed true to the original principles of the church, keeping the faith and sharing our commitment with the community while maintaining a unified fellowship.

The Eastside Church of Christ locale began in 1982 out of a vision of Bro. Cecil Cooper, who wanted to leave something special behind before he moved back to his home in Texas that year. Faithful Christians who transitioned from meeting from house to house to establishing a work on the eastside of Milwaukee that would spread from the community, throughout the state and around the brotherhood. The message that drove the work was, "Doing Bible things in Bible ways." In May 1984 the church became incorporated as the Eastside Church of Christ.

The Hampton Avenue Church of Christ (local congregation) sent in ministers to help the newly sprouting Eastside Church. Such ministers as Vernal and Kent Britain, who would rotate the preaching to see that the church had worship service upon every Lord's Day. In 1986 Bro. Nathan Johnson was employed as the congregations first full-time minister. Bro. Johnson baptized some of the first new converts into the church. In 1988 Bro. Johnson moved back to Arkansas and the congregation was once again without a dedicated minister. Bro Robert McClain, Bro. James Tucker, and Bro. Charles Quarles (the leading brothers) ended up with the job of preaching and teaching the congregation.

In the late summer of 1988

The church then asked Bro. Robert McClain if he would be willing to take on the work and become their second full-time minister. He and his wife Delois McClain accepted the offer. Bro. McClain took on the role which entailed him preaching during the morning and evening services, as well as teaching on Wednesday Nights.

Since his arrival,

Bro. McClain has touched a special chord with member. He has stimulated members from the youngest to the most mature to express an even-greater interest in the Bible. His charismatic, and scholarly approach to ministry has invigorated and promoted a new wave of enthusiasm. Several preachers have come out from under the tutelage of Bro. McClain, and have gone on to start new works or take over works elsewhere in the brotherhood. Bro. McClain has brought in many great gospel preachers from all over the country to facilitate Gospel Revival Meetings designed to enrich members of the body of Christ, and encourage the obedience of those that don't know Christ.

Such ministers as:

THE LATE GREAT Evangelist HURPE MILES - Texas (conducted the first Gospel Meeting in May 1990)
Evangelist LAWRENCE R. WOODEN - Indiana
Evangelist JAMES GLENN - Texas
Evangelist THOMAS REED - Texas
Evangelist MARK THOMPSON - Wisconsin
Evangelist AKEENA LEWIS - Texas
Evangelist CHARLES ORR SR. - Florida
Evangelist NEIL LOPEZ - Illinois

Under the ministry of Brother Robert McClain,

The Eastside Church of Christ has been blessed with tremendous progress. With the additions of more than 300 baptism (many of which have went on to other congregations). While the congregation remains relatively small averaging only 30+ member on a weekly basis, the impact Bro. McClain has had in the brotherhood is one to be admired.

One of the highlights of Bro. McClain's ministry was the addition of the Radio Broadcast ministry. Bro. McClain and his assisting minister (Bro. Brandon McClain) whom is also his son, saw an evangelistic opportunity to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a greater audience. In January of 2011 Bro. McClain and the Eastside Church of Christ commenced with the addition of the new Radio Ministry that airs weekly on Thursday afternoons on WGLB 1560AM. The Radio Ministry reaches homes throughout the metropolitan Milwaukee area, all the way to surrounding counties. Through the Radio Ministry, many positive responses have commenced from those that do not share our faith, some of which have been won to Christ.

The work has continued to move forward from start until now. There have been many pitfalls that have been thrown our way. The congregation is STILL not supporting Bro. Robert McClain financially for the 23 years he's been ministering over the congregation as the full-time minister. However, the LORD saw fit for the Eastside Church of Christ to continue it's existence under his tutelage. If it's the LORD's will it is our plan to continue this work, and through his continued love, grace and mercy, we look forward to a productive future.

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